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gucaramelmaccEvery Thursday we’ll be posting a review of a product – training nutrition, latest snack foods, and takeaways. Expert advice on foods that we look to use on a regular basis – how healthy are they? What are their purpose? Most importantly, do they taste awesome?

First up – Gu Gel, Caramel Macchiato flavour

Product: GU- Caramel Macchiato
Cost: $3.00
Taste factor: A delicious mix of caramel and coffee
Nutrition stats: Kilojoules: 420
Carbohydrate: 22g
Sugars: 7g
Fat: 0g
Extras/health claims:40mg Caffeine
Natural flavours & Gluten free
Sport specific (suitability?):Running/cycling/endurance
PROS: (the good stuff)Tastes great and gives you an extra dose of caffeine.
Good consistency- not too thick and not too liquid. Easy to consume quickly.
CONS: (the not so good stuff) Can be hard to consume with water while running, although a gel flask, or carrying a fuel belt, or timing your gels with the water fountains can fix that.
The caffeine content isn’t that high and 2 gels would be required to consume adequate caffeine for a performance benefit.
The bottom line/verdict Whatever we eat prior to training will fuel us for usually the first 60-90 minutes, after this we can benefit from consuming additional carbohydrates.
Gels are a convenient way to package up 20-30g carbohydrates.
They can be held in your hand, tucked into your bike shorts, jersey or top, mixed with water in a gel flask or stored in a bento box when riding.
As a bonus they can contain ergogenic aids like caffeine.
A double bonus is they can taste like a caramel macchiato!
Highly recommend for a long run or ride when you need that little bit of caffeine to get you to the end.
Rating out of 54.5 gooey caramels

Thanks to Emma Walkey, @elwalkey, 3rd Year Nutrition Student at Curtin Uni and @nutritionwrks team member for the review.