Supermarket Tour Groups

Nutrition Works provides supermarket tours on a variety or nutrition topics that we have split up into 3 groups

Tour 1. healthy eating and kids nutrition 2. sports nutrition and fuelling active kids 3. low FODMAP and gluten free
Suitable for
  1. weight management
  2. parents
  3. diabetics
  4. nyone wanting ideas on everyday healthy eating
  1. athletes
  2. parents of active kids and
  3. people interested in increasing their activity levels and fuelling correctly
  1. people with IBS,
  2. coeliacs disease and
  3. those currently following the low FODMAP diet for IBS
Topics covered
  1. Identifying healthy snacks, meals and drinks
  2. Label reading
  3. 5 minute meal ideas
  4. kids nutrition; including snack and lunch box ideas and ideal portion sizes
  1. Identifying suitable training foods; for fuelling up, during training and recovery
  2. Sports drinks and other fluids
  3. Supplements, gels and bars
  4. Alternative homemade supplements and sportsdrinks
  5. 5 minute meals
  1. Suitable breads and cereals
  2. low FODMAP and gluten free snacks
  3. Cooking sauces
  4. ready made meals
  5. Lactose free and dairy alternatives

Venues: Alternate between coles supermarkets at Mt Lawley, South Perth and Floreat Forum

Topic Venue Day and Date
Healthy Eating and Kids nutrition Mt Lawley Please email us for dates
Sports nutrition South Perth
Healthy Eating and Kids nutrition Mt Lawley
Low FODMAP and Gluten free nutrition Floreat Forum

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To book a place please email nutrition works