Ironman 101: Race Day

What a day. Bloody hell I did it. And I wouldn’t change a thing. My Ironman adventure is complete and I had a total blast (yep, even during the run). Why has it taken me so long to post a race report? Probably because I’ve been regrouping since! I’ve been soaking up lots of time [&

Fuel right for #wacitytosurf

It’s race day soon, so it’s important you #getfuelled, #keepfuelled and #racesmart Here’s a quick nutrition checklist to make sure you’re on track for Perth’s City to Surf next Sunday, August 30th. Compiled by Kirsten Pannekoek, 3rd year nutrition student and Simone All

Rachel checks out what fuels Tour Down Under

With the Giro d’Italia in full swing and The Tour De France just around the corner we very much have cycling on our mind! I was fortunate enough to attend and assist at the 2015 Tour Down Under in Adelaide where some of the world’s greatest cyclists took on the largest cycling event in the [&hel