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Individual Nutrition Consults

We provide personalised nutrition education and nutrition plans for:

Sports Nutrition

nutrition works provide practical and up to date sports nutrition information for improving energy levels, getting toned or bulking up, preparing for specific events or assisting with getting on the right track by fuelling correctly for your chosen sport from recreational to elite level.

Our Sports Dietitians are all Anthropometrists and utilise skin-folding to monitor and assess body composition.

Weight Management

We aim to make weight management easy. nutrition works provide realistic weight management goals and adapt your individual nutrition plan to suit your current lifestyle and daily schedule, while offering a wide variety of readily available healthy food choices from home and for on-the-go. nutrition works now offer supermarket tours and cooking classes to assist with managing a healthier lifestyle. For more information contact Simone


To assist with controlling, improving and preventing long term nutrition related health issues such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Bowel problems, nutrition works provide appropriate education and tailor your nutrition plan to suit. nutrition works also provide assistance with all other nutrition related issues such as Coeliac’s Disease, allergies and intolerances and Diverticular Disease.

Kids Nutrition

Whether it be fussy eaters, healthy weight managements, increasing energy levels or wanting to know “just what is a healthy nutrition plan for kids?” nutrition works provide family friendly advice with LOTS of ideas for kids and their parents to choose from.

Do you suffer from Irritiable Bowel Syndrome? Bloating? Cramps? Have you tried the low FODMAPs diet? nutrition works’

Dietitians specialise in providing advice on low FODMAPs.

Nutrition Consult

As part of your initial 45 minute consult you would be provided with

  • dietary assessment,
  • appropriate nutrition education and
  • a personalised nutrition plan to assist you with meeting the goals we discuss.
  • Your nutrition plan includes suggested portion sizes, meal and snack options, training nutrition guidelines, healthy takeaways and any other info you require to help keep on track. We monitor body composition, weight and skin-folds, if appropriate, as part of the process too.
  • Private health rebates available.

Our review consults are between 15 to 30 minutes and we charge accordingly.

During these consults we

  • Discuss any questions from your plan and information we sent through.
  • Review current intake and discuss additional nutrition strategies to assist with meeting your nutrition goals.
  • Review body composition if required.
  • Provide additional information such as update plan if required, or provide a carb loading plan to trial for an upcoming event.

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