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Hydration Testing

Nutrition Works conducts Hydration testing at various locations throughout WA including Kings Park, Claisebrook Cove (Mardalup Park) and Burswood foreshore.

Bookings can be made via email and time and location arranged according to time of year and personal preference.

The Hydration testing provides us with information about personal fluid losses and sodium losses.

From the results we provide a suggested fluid intake/hr and electrolyte intake/hr.

We also review your current training nutrition (eg: Current sports drink, types of gels, approx. volume of fluid consumed, etc…) and provide nutrition strategies based on your results focusing on appropriate fluid volume, electrolyte and carbohydrate.

If training for a specific race eg: Marathon or Ironman 70.3 we provide a sample plan based on the results too.

Basic protocol

Athlete information for Sweat testing.

Upon waking

  • Collect a urine sample in a plastic container that you can seal. Collect a midstream sample and about 5 ml of urine. Bring this to the testing.


  • Complete a 10 min warmup jog.
  • Visit the toilet to empty bladder.
  • Weight will be taken in minimal clothing (no shoes or socks, no singlets/top).
  • Water bottle will also be weighed if required.
  • Sweat patches and heart rate monitors will be applied.
  • 30 min run will commence (outside) staggered by about 2-3 minutes per athlete.
  • When the run is complete and the sweat patches are completely soaked, return to testing site.
  • Sweat patches will be removed, heart rates recorded for start and @ 15min, weight taken for athlete and water bottle.
  • 10 minute break for results analysis.
  • Consult provided for results and discussion of suggested hydration and nutrition strategies based on results.

Please bring:

  1. Water bottle.
  2. Towel (to remove sweat before weighing).
  3. Heart rate monitor (if owned).
  4. Urine sample.
  5. Training gear.

Payment for sweat test ($200) can be paid at your follow up appointment. It is eligible for private health rebate too.

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