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Presentations and Seminars

 nutrition works provides presentations to all groups including sporting teams, schools and workplaces.

Presentations include practical nutrition advice, appropriate handouts, and a summary sheet

Topics Include

  • Eating for Energy – the basic principles of sports nutrition
  • Nutrition for Study – fuelling the brain to achieve the best possible marks in exams.
  • Healthy Weight Management – getting the facts straight on managing your weight. Includes healthy snack and takeaway ideas

Other topics can be covered as requested.

Workshop Content

  • We present to all groups including Schools, Sporting clubs and Associations, Workplaces and Conferences
  • Our presentations are presented by an Accredited Sports Dietitian and are usually 45-60 mins in length.

We normally present on ~3 key areas during this time

For example:

  • Everyday nutrition,
  • Training nutrition; pre, during and post training nutrition strategies
  • Game/event day nutrition, specific to sporting groups
  • Hydration,
  • Healthy snacks and takeaways,  and
  • Boosting energy levels.
  • We are happy to tailor to suit your groups needs so if you’d like anything in particular covered we are happy to adapt.

We provide a PDF summary sheet that can be emailed to all attendees and also placed on your website if required.

We also provide other handouts, prizes and resources to the group.

Our presentations are normally discussion based and include practical activities (such as planning pre training meals and snacks) vs lecturing to the group.

Fee Topics
Abbie Reilly
Accredited Dietitian
$250 +gst General and Clinical nutrition
Eliza Kelly|Carla Florio
Sports Dietitian 
$280 +gst General, Clinical and Sports nutrition
Simone Allen 
Advanced Sports Dietitians (>15 years experience)
$380 +gst General, Clinical and Sports nutrition


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