Passionate about practical nutrition advice & food enjoyment!

About Nutrition Works

Nutrition Works provides practical and realistic nutrition advice so that long term lifestyle changes are achieved and enjoyed.

Eating the right foods can mean more energy, healthy weight management and better concentration levels. At nutrition works we are passionate about helping you achieve and maintain your own personal nutrition goals while providing sensible nutrition advice and demonstrate how to apply this in real life.

At nutrition works our team of friendly sports dietitians specialise in sports nutrition but also see “non-athletes” for a wide range of diet related issues including weight loss, child nutrition, and lifestyle nutrition. For more information please click here

The team

Our team of experienced Dietitians are all

  • Accredited Practising Dietitians, having completed a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma, Masters or Honours in Dietetics at Curtin University, Bentley or ECU, Joondalup in Western Australia.
  • Accredited Sports Dietitians, having completed the Sports Nutrition Course at the AIS in Canberra, and
  • hold an ISAK acceditation in Anthropometry, which is used in the assessment of body composition.

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