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Sports Nutrition

We provide practical and up to date sports nutritional advice to help you achieve your personal best in your chosen sports.

Looking for help with Weight Management?

Real nutrition, it’s easier than you think!
For long term weight management with a wide variety of delicious meal and snack ideas with realistic portion sizes and guidelines.
Nutrition Works are the experts.

Get the most out of life

We provide easy to understand education to help control, improve and prevent long term health issues such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Kids Nutrition

Family friendly nutrition plans with LOTS of ideas for improving your child’s nutrition with benefits to the whole family


nutrition works provides practical and realistic nutrition advice so that long term lifestyle changes are achieved and enjoyed.

Eating the right foods can mean more energy, healthy weight management and better concentration levels. At nutrition works we are passionate about helping you achieve and maintain your own personal nutrition goals while providing sensible nutrition advice and demonstrate how to apply this in real life.

At nutrition works our team of friendly sports dietitians specialise in sports nutrition but also see “non-athletes” for a wide range of diet related issues including weight loss, child nutrition, and lifestyle nutrition. For more information please click here

Proudly Fuelling

Nutrition Works is proudly working with the following organisations

How we can Help

Individual Nutrition Consults

Personalised advice to assist with achieving your individual goals with the guidance of a tailored nutrition plan.

Hydration Testing

Find out exactly how much fluid and electrolytes you should be consuming for your training or races.

Presentation & Seminars

nutrition works provides presentations to all groups including sporting teams, schools and workplaces.

Supermarket Tour Groups

nutrition works provides supermarket tours on a variety of nutrition topics from Healthy eating to Sports Nutrion.

The Team

Our friendly and passionate team are ready to assist you with your nutritional goals.



Accredited Sports Dietitian



Accredited Sports Dietitian



Accredited Sports Dietitian



Advanced Sports Dietitian



Media and Administration


Accredited Practising Dietitians; we’ve all attained a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma or Honours in Dietetics at recognised Australian Universities.


Accredited Sports Dietitians; we’ve all completed the Sports Nutrition Course at the AIS in Canberra.


ISAK Accredited. We’ve all attained Anthropometry accreditation to be used in the assessment of body composition

Latest News

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Ironman 101: Race Day

What a day. Bloody hell I did it. And I wouldn't change a thing. My Ironman adventure is complete and I had a total blast (yep, even during the run). Why has it taken me so long to post a race...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our fees and what do they cover?
Initial General Initial Specialised Review
Liana Nici $110 $120 $55-75
Jasmine Wayth $110 $120 $55-75
Claire Ricciardo $120 $130 $55-75
Simone Allen $120 $130 $55-75

As part of your initial 45minute consult you would be provided with

  • dietary assessment,
  • appropriate nutrition education and
  • a personalised nutrition plan to assist you with meeting the goals we discuss.
  • Your nutrition plan includes suggested portion sizes, meal and snack options, training nutrition guidelines, healthy takeaways and any other info you require to help keep on track. We monitor body composition, weight and skinfolds, if appropriate, as part of the process too.

Our review consults are between 15 to 30 minutes and we charge accordingly. During these consults we

  • Discuss any questions from your plan and information we sent through.
  • Review current intake and discuss additional nutrition strategies to assist with meeting your nutrition goals.
  • Review body composition if required.
  • Provide additional information such as update plan if required, or provide a carb loading plan to trial for an upcoming event.
How to make a booking
To make an appointment just call the most convenient clinic or use our online booking (if available for your preferred clinic).

Clinic Location Phone Online Booking Days, Times & Dietitians
Ascend Physio
Mt Claremont 9387 2699 Click to Book Online Mon 1-7pm: Jasmine
Thurs 7.30am-1.30pm: Simone
Beaufort physio
Mt Lawley 9473 1155 Tues 2-6pm: Jasmine
Fri 8-12 or 2-6pm: Liana
Midland Physio
Midland 9274 1482 Click to Book Online Thurs 1-7pm: Jasmine
West Coast Health Lathlain 6255 1990 Click to Book Online Tues 1-7pm: Simone
Wed 1-7pm: Liana
Do we cover Medicare?
  • Yes, you require a Medicare referral completed by your GP with allocated allied health visits (total 5 per year for Chronic health or 20 visits for Eating Disorders, from Nov 1st 2019)
  • Please note there is a gap for the first consult but all review consults are covered by Medicare
  • Click here for more details and fees
Do we cover Private health funds?
  • Yes if you are covered for Dietetics then you will receive a rebate
  • As every Health fund is different, rebates vary greatly, you will need to contact your private health fund directly for this information
  • We have HICAPS at all our locations so you can claim on the day
Do we cover DVA?

No. But we can recommend Dietitians that do.

How can a Dietitian assist your nutrition?
  • As Accredited Dietitians we cover all Clinical Dietetic issues including Diabetes, Heart Health and Gastrointestinal issues (including low FODMAPS)
  • As Accredited Sports Dietitians we cover all Sports nutrition issues including low energy levels, runners guts, race nutrition planning etc..
  • Click here for more details
  • We present to all groups including Schools, Sporting clubs and Associations, Workplaces and Conferences
  • Our presentations are presented by an Accredited Sports Dietitian and are usually 45-60 mins in length.

We normally present on ~3 topics during this time

For example:

  • Everyday nutrition,
  • Training nutrition; pre, during and post training nutrition strategies
  • Game/event day nutrition, specific to sporting groups
  • Hydration,
  • Healthy snacks and takeaways,  and
  • Boosting energy levels.
  • We are happy to tailor to suit your groups needs so if you’d like anything in particular covered we are happy to adapt.

We provide a PDF summary sheet that can be emailed to all attendees and also placed on your website if required.

We also provide other handouts, prizes and resources to the group.

Our presentations are normally discussion based and include practical activities (such as planning pre training meals and snacks) vs lecturing to the group.

Fee Topics
Abbie Reilly
Accredited Nutritionist
$200 plus GST Only General nutrition
Jasmine Wayth and Liana Nici
Accredited Sports Dietitians (<10 years experience)
$250 plus GST General, Clinical and Sports nutrition
Simone Allen or Claire Ricciardo
Accredited Sports Dietitians (>10 years experience)
$320 plus GST General, Clinical and Sports nutrition

Get in touch

You can book in with one of our Nutrition Works Dietitians in the locations below.

Ascend Physio - HBF Stadium

Stephenson Ave
Mt Claremont WA 6010
(08) 9387 2699

Beautfort Physio - Mt Lawley

777 Beaufort St
Mt Lawley WA 6050
(08) 9473 1155

West Coast Health - Lathlain

42 Bishopsgate
Lathlain WA 6100
(08) 6255 1990

Midland Physiotherapy

3/401 Great Eastern Hwy
(08) 9274 1482