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If you’ve caught up with me recently you’ll probably know that I am training for my first half ironman race! With 8 weeks to go till I compete in Busselton, training is in full swing and, for the moment, I’m enjoying the majority of it! This is mainly due to a SUPER team of professionals.


  • Brian Kempson from endurance fitness systems for an AWESOME program that I’ve been following since January,
  • The Running Centre for their expert advice and Mizuno Nirvana’s that make me feel like I’m floating (at least some of the time)
  • and the guys at Churchill Cycles for their down to earth approach to a complete novice like myself for a fantastic bike, friendly advice and all the additions that I seem to keep needing for my bike (bento box, spare tube bag and tri bars, with next on the list being a jetstream…)

Having only bought a bike back in October last year and competed in my first Sprint Triathlon a few weeks ago at Rockingham, I am certainly learning a few things and having fun applying my nutrition strategies! Here are my key things

  1. Getting a bidon out of it’s cage is harder than it looks, putting it back is even trickier. Thankfully I have now mastered this and my hydration plan of drinking every 10 minutes is going well.
  2. Uncle Toby’s fruit fix’s are a yummy snack to pack in your bento box, however removing the annoyingly sticky excessive wrapping pre ride is a good idea!
  3. Fruit strings are another lolly that comes in a convenient little pack that looked great, but after struggling to swallow what tasted like extremely slimy worms I decided that looks can be deceiving. They are officially OFF my fuelling list!
  4. Trying to clip in up a hill is a silly idea.
  5. Practicing using your tri-bars down a hill is also a silly idea.
  6. Drinking every 10 minutes and fuelling every 20 minutes is a GREAT idea. My first go at 90km ride felt strong and there was plenty left in the tank. #fistpumpmoment
  7. When preparing for a triathlon lists are my friend. I like lists allot. Who’s with me on this one?

With all this extra fuelling going on I’d love to know what everyone likes to do, so for the next few weeks nutrition works is holding a competition. Upload pics of your favourite training nutrition – pre, during or recovery to Instagram with the hashtag #busso703fuel by March 19th. You could win a consult to plan out your Busso 70.3 race nutrition including carb loading, pre event meal, strategies for during the event and recovery. What are you waiting for, get hashtagging!

Happy Training


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