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37 degrees and no wind during the run made for a tough race on Sunday!

Luckily for us, our favourite spectator spot out at Halls Head has plenty of shade, the beach for the kids to play, and Dome across the road for a spot of brunch while we wait for the runners to start pounding the pavement. We love supporting this event and I’m sure it will become an annual event for us to support.

The Sunsmart cowbells were a hit with the kids, they loved to ring them as loud as possible, although I’m not sure everyone at the surrounding tables in the cafe appreciated it when the first runners went past and we were still sitting having breakfast!

We had quite a few nervous emails in the days leading up to the event as the predicted temp continued to creep up, requesting last minute tips on hydration, salt tablets, fluid goals and other ways to beat the heat!

This week, it was FANTASTIC to receive emails, such as the one below, from those of you who smashed your PBs and beat the heat. High fives all round!

If you did struggle with the hot weather, have a read of our earlier post hydrating in the heat and if you’re still stuck, Emily or I are always happy to provide personalised training nutrition guidelines and education on tailoring your fluid to match your losses, just ring the most convenient clinic.

Hi Simone, Can’t thank you enough for preparing me perfectly for the hot conditions today at Mandurah. The race went so well for me, did a 5:07 which was a PB by 33 minutes and 8th in my age group. Managed to get all fluid and fuel in as per the plan, and actually got more fluid in yesterday than required which set me up perfectly. Despite a tough, hot run the nutrition was spot on and it just wasn’t a factor to worry about. You’re the best thanks Simone

Whether you flew or if you struggled, Emily and I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the Mandurah 70.3!

Happy training everyone and we’ll see you out there 🙂