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April 11th, 2013

FAD. DIETS. *sigh*

Fad diets are always popping up and most are generally just a gimick. The bottom line is, people lose weight simply because they have reduced their overall kJ intake, not because they have drunk a glass of apple cider vinegar prior to eating, or kept carbs separate to protein, not eaten carbs after 4pm, or eaten purely fruit one day…etc…etc… As you can tell, I’m not a fan.

One of the latest diets to become popular is the 5 and 2 diet. What do I think? To quote one of my colleagues, “I read through the diet and it’s just a silly as it sounds”. I was actually just having a chuckle after reading this on facebook when Chenee from RadioECU contacted me for an interview about this latest fad.

So instead of reading our blog today, you can have a listen to my thoughts on the 5 and 2 diet. Just click on the link below.

Interview – SimoneAllen

Have a great weekend!