Ironman 101: Race Day

What a day. Bloody hell I did it. And I wouldn’t change a thing. My Ironman adventure is complete and I had a total blast (yep, even during the run). Why has it taken me so long to post a race report? Probably because I’ve been regrouping since! I’ve been soaking up lots of time [&

Fuelling Ironman 101: Part 3

I’m so glad I waited till today to write this blog – the last few days have left me completely refreshed and energised, ready to tackle the next training block. Maybe it’s the sunshine, or the 24 second PB on my 5km TT run (22:37), or that we (West Coast Eagles) won on Saturday nig

Nutrition for Rehab from Injury

Last year the Nutrition Works team attended the Sports Dietitians Australia Nutrition Masterclass in Melbourne. Today’s blog, prepared by team member, Claire Ricciardo, is a summary of the latest nutrition strategies that can be used in conjunction with an appropriate rehab program from your p

Fuel right for #wacitytosurf

It’s race day soon, so it’s important you #getfuelled, #keepfuelled and #racesmart Here’s a quick nutrition checklist to make sure you’re on track for Perth’s City to Surf next Sunday, August 30th. Compiled by Kirsten Pannekoek, 3rd year nutrition student and Simone All

Rachel checks out what fuels Tour Down Under

With the Giro d’Italia in full swing and The Tour De France just around the corner we very much have cycling on our mind! I was fortunate enough to attend and assist at the 2015 Tour Down Under in Adelaide where some of the world’s greatest cyclists took on the largest cycling event in the [&hel

Race day

Race morning I felt good, not nervous, not excited, just ready to race. My carb loading the day before had gone well (see pics here) and felt comfortable, not too full and energy levels were high. I should have been elated about the conditions, it was cool but not freezing, the ocean was beautiful a

Cycling Caper

If you’ve caught up with me recently you’ll probably know that I am training for my first half ironman race! With 8 weeks to go till I compete in Busselton, training is in full swing and, for the moment, I’m enjoying the majority of it! This is mainly due to a SUPER team of professionals. [&he

Busso Ironman 2013

We’d like to firstly congratulate all the awesome athletes who participated in Busselton Ironman earlier this month. I was working in Melbourne (BOO!) but Emily reports that the conditions were fantastic and much more enjoyable than previous years! Well done all and we hope you achieved all your g