Fuelling for Ironman 101

Well folks, here we are! I said I’d do an Ironman before I turned 40 and on Monday my 20 week training program for Busselton Ironman 2018 begins! Why am I doing an Ironman? Two reasons; 1. I’m compelled to complete the whole set. Triathlon has several distances you can race; sprint (750m

#feedmefriday Lunch box 101

One good reason for loving school holidays is the time off from packing school lunchboxes! No more thinking about sandwich alternatives, crunch and sip for the fussy fruit kid, or standing in the supermarket gazing at the piles of “healthy” snacks trying to figure what is actually nutrit

#TasteTestThursday Gu Gel

Every Thursday we’ll be posting a review of a product – training nutrition, latest snack foods, and takeaways. Expert advice on foods that we look to use on a regular basis – how healthy are they? What are their purpose? Most importantly, do they taste awesome? First up – Gu

Fuel right for #wacitytosurf

It’s race day soon, so it’s important you #getfuelled, #keepfuelled and #racesmart Here’s a quick nutrition checklist to make sure you’re on track for Perth’s City to Surf next Sunday, August 30th. Compiled by Kirsten Pannekoek, 3rd year nutrition student and Simone All

Race day

Race morning I felt good, not nervous, not excited, just ready to race. My carb loading the day before had gone well (see pics here) and felt comfortable, not too full and energy levels were high. I should have been elated about the conditions, it was cool but not freezing, the ocean was beautiful a

Cycling Caper

If you’ve caught up with me recently you’ll probably know that I am training for my first half ironman race! With 8 weeks to go till I compete in Busselton, training is in full swing and, for the moment, I’m enjoying the majority of it! This is mainly due to a SUPER team of professionals. [&he

Busso Ironman 2013

We’d like to firstly congratulate all the awesome athletes who participated in Busselton Ironman earlier this month. I was working in Melbourne (BOO!) but Emily reports that the conditions were fantastic and much more enjoyable than previous years! Well done all and we hope you achieved all your g

Bookings for 2014

If you’d like to book an appointment for 2014, Emily will be back on Jan 7th and I’ll be back Jan 16th. You’ll be able to ring the clinics on normal working days to book in prior to this though. If you’re needing a training nutrition plan for Busso 70.3, get in quick to avoid […]

Hydrating in the Heat

Winter in Perth seemed to drag on and on and then just like that, BAM! it’s summer and freaking hot. Mandurah 70.3 is on this weekend and with the forecast currently at 37 degrees, it seems like a good time to post about some key tips for hydrating in the heat . Hydration Checklist Keep […]

Training for Busso 70.3 2013

Well, I must congratulate every 70.3 athlete out there, for just being able to train and prepare for this event! On Saturday I will swim 1.9km and run 21.1km (skipping the 90km bike ride and letting my team mate Chris, do that bit) and the training for these 2 legs has certainly kept me busy. [&hell

5 and 2 diet

April 11th, 2013 FAD. DIETS. *sigh* Fad diets are always popping up and most are generally just a gimick. The bottom line is, people lose weight simply because they have reduced their overall kJ intake, not because they have drunk a glass of apple cider vinegar prior to eating, or kept carbs separat

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